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Which Is Better? Streaming or Downloading Movies?

Which Is Better? Streaming or Downloading?

No matter what our age is, we all love to watch movies. For the majority of the people, it is their favorite pastime. It’s like if you have nothing to do, watch a movie! Now, the problem is because of our busy lifestyle; it may not always be possible for us to go to a theater and watch a movie. Sometimes, we just prefer to stay at our home and sit with a bowl of chips on the couch and enjoy our movie comfortably. In that matter, we have two options either download the movie that we want to watch or simply watch it online. Now the question is which is better, streaming the movie or downloading it? Streaming a movie simply means, watching it directly from the internet.

There are a plenty of online sites from where you can stream your movies and watch it. On the other hand, when you download a movie from a website, it get’s saved on your computer, and you can play it later or whenever you want. People are usually confused between the two. But, to be frank, both the options have its own fair share of pros and cons. To clear the confusion, I am going to compare the two in this following article.

Comparison between Streaming and Downloading

Once you learn the comparison between the two, it will become easier for you to the next time you decide to watch a movie with your partner at home. Here you go!

  • When you stream a movie, you don’t have to wait because you can watch it instantly. Whereas, when you download a movie you have to hold on to your patience until and unless the movie is downloaded and the speed of which is totally dependent on your internet speed.
  • When it comes to consumption of data, it is hard to decide which option is better as both may consume an equal amount of data. Though the amount of data consumed depends on the size of your movie.
  • If you want to watch your movie unhindered then, you may want to download it because when you stream a movie, chances are there that your movie may face buffering which can simply ruin your mood.
  • When you download a movie it get’s saved on your computer, and you can watch it anytime you want without having to waste your data again for the same movie. But, that is not the case with streaming. If you stream a movie then you will be able to watch the movie only for that time and every time you stream it, you exhaust your data.
  • Downloading a movie allows you to make copies of it. So you can share your favorite movie with your friends by copy-pasting it in a pen drive or hard disk. But with streaming, you cannot do that. Well, you can do one thing, and that is watching the movie with your friends itself.

No matter what you do make sure that you have a high-speed internet connection. Talking about streaming and downloading movies, there are sites such as Fmovies where you can do both. Sites like Fmovies allow you to watch movies online and download it for free. Fmovies is a licensed site, so you need not worry about downloading movies illegally. It is because of these sites that we are able to enjoy our movies in peace without worrying about facing legal charges. So, next time you decide to watch or download a movie online, you know which site to go for.