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Watch Movies Online on 123movies

Watch Movies Online on 123movies

Watch Movies Online on 123movies

123 movies is a website that let’s the users watch variety of television shows and movies for free. There are options to download the movie for free or watch it online.

The movie library is really broad with more than 20 movie categories spread across over 130 countries. Watching movies on the site is quite easy even though some of the movies are copyright protected.

The following steps make it easier to watch movies online on 123 movies.

  1. The movies are divided into 54 film genres so it is easy to find a movie to watch based on your preferences
  2. There is also an opportunity to choose the movie based on the year of release
  3. To can see movies from 15 countries and you can select a country to get access to the movies produced there
  4. Films have short descriptive bullets with information on duration, release, and actors
  5. The featured category contains the most outstanding movies on the website chosen by the 123 movies developers making it easier to watch movies
  6.  You will also find a category dedicated to TV series with a filter allowing you to choose from an updated library
  7. Despite the benefits of watching movies online on 123 movies, there are some concerns regarding piracy issues. As a result, it is better to hide your IP.

    As long as your IP remains unidentified, it is impossible to identify you or any user watching movies for free on the website.

    This precaution ensures that you’re completely protected from being blocked, screened out or having your country flagged due to illegal activity.

  8. You can hide your IP by using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), Proxies or by using the onion router. These methods hide your IP address very easily and allow you to continue to enjoy the free movies on 123 movies.
  9. There are other less complex ways to hide your IP address both they are not as efficient as employing the devices described above. Examples include using the settings on your device but the process is quite complicated and time consuming which means that most people might not be able to pull it off.
  10. The most guaranteed way of ensuring that your IP address is hidden is by using a software known as VPN. It encrypts your device data and opens websites securely allowing you to surf the web without any worries.
  11. It also supports popular platforms like Windows, MacOS and browser extensions
  12. However, for the best streaming experience on 123 movies, it is important to use an extremely reliable VPN provider that is guaranteed to mask your IP address all the time.
  13. This means that such software would need to be purchased for a fee as such high-quality products are not free
  14. Reputable VPN providers include Express Nord and Nord VPN. These two providers are extremely capable of opening all kinds of websites and downloading content without revealing your identity.

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