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Downloading Movies Online: Is It Legal Or Not?

Downloading Movies Online: Is It Legal Or Not?

When was the last time that you watched a movie in the hall? Can’t remember, right? Don’t worry because you are not the only person but, we are all sailing in the same boat! Most of us prefer to download movies online rather than wasting money on movie tickets. Due to this habit of ours, a lot of sites for downloading movies online has mushroomed, in the recent years. We either download movies from torrent sites or any other available site. But, do you know that this is actually illegal? Yes, downloading movies online is a serious offense in many countries because of which you can even face imprisonment or have to pay a heavy fine. Though, the law may be different in different countries. But, that doesn’t change the fact that downloading movies from online as soon as it is released in the market is illegal. Most of us may be aware of this fact but, we still tend to ignore it and continue to download movies whenever we want. And, moreover, the movies that we download illegally are mostly of inferior quality.

Why Is It Illegal?

Talking about downloading movies online, the first question that crosses everybody’s mind is ‘why is it illegal?’ Well, the answer to it is really simple, as long as the movie is copyrighted and you don’t own it, downloading it for free via torrent or any other site for that matter will be considered to be illegal. The simple rule is anything that has a price tag in a department store cannot be available for free on the internet. Therefore, downloading movies for free is always illegal and especially when the movie is still running in the theaters. Most of the movies downloaded from these illegal sites contain a notice or a watermark which clearly implies that it is a copyrighted work. So if you are downloading it, you are committing a punishable offense under the law.

Now, different countries have different laws regarding copyright infringement. While some countries may have lenient laws, other countries may have extremely strict laws like in Germany. If it is proved in the court that you have been knowingly violating the copyright law or have been supporting someone doing it, trust me you could face serious trouble. Starting from paying huge fines in jail to imprisonment, you could face it all.

How To Legally Watch Or Download Movies Online?

Now, who doesn’t love to watch a movie curling up all comfortably on his couch? The experience gets even better if, you get to watch the movie for free, isn’t? We know that downloading movies online is a punishable offense under the law but what if you do it legally? For people who don’t know, there are a number of licensed sites like Fmovies where you can easily watch or download all your favorite movies online and that too legally. It is because of sites like Fmovies that it has become possible for people to watch or download movies online with complete peace of mind. And, the best thing about Fmovies is that you get all your movies in high-quality print which is usually not the case when you download it from other sites illegally.

So if, you are one of those people who are still following the illegal route of watching or downloading movies online, be smart and start using sites like Fmovies to get your movies. It saves the risk of you facing any legal charges, and at the same time, you also get your movie free of cost.