123movies Downloader—Downloading Videos on PC/Linux/Mac

123movies downloader

123movies Downloader is more of a concept rather than a tweak. In this post, we will be talking about the techniques to download movies and certain TV shows from 123movies without compromising on the safety and streaming prowess. 

Trust me when I say 123movies doesn’t offer any official resource towards downloading stuffs and everything seen here is derived out of innovation and intuition. We have researched extensively and devised a few techniques towards using 123movies Downloader in the best possible manner.

Before delving deeper into this post, it would be appropriate to understand a few important questions associated with 123movies and downloading stuffs from the same.

123movies Downloader: Benefits

Downloading stuffs is always great and 123movies downloader is no different. 

  1. Using this we can download any movie or TV show of our choice— directly onto the device. The gadget can be a normal PC, desktop, tablet or even a smartphone. 
  2. These downloaded videos are actually saved and can be played at any given time. 123movies downloader takes internet connectivity out of context as the stuffs can be watched even without the user being online. 
  3. Lastly, these movies and TV shows can be transferred across multiple devices, via USB support. 

123movies Downloader: Subtitle Compatibility

Most people ask whether 123movies subtitles work sans internet connectivity. In this segment, we will be answering this question to the best of our abilities. If you download a subtitle over the website, in most cases it will work with the compatible movie.

However, in some cases the in-house subtitles might not function and users can then download the same from other trusted sources. Once downloaded, the same can be uploaded to the 123movies app for others users to make use of. Those subtitles are also compatible if the movie or TV show resides on the concerned device.

123movies Downloader: Legality

Lately, there has been a lot of skepticism regarding streaming websites which often showcases movies days after the release. While piracy and downloading stuffs via Torrent isn’t legal, 123movies hasn’t had any issue, restricting its adoption.

Up till now, nothing has been speculated regarding the illegality of 123movies downloader. Even the government hasn’t given out any word regarding downloading and streaming restrictions.

123movies Downloader: Uploads

The uploading part is strictly restricted to the 123movies team and users cannot push in their inputs, as of now. However, the website is considering this option and we might soon see uploads even from the registered users who are looking for some popularity.

That said, the current repertoire is strictly restricted to downloading and streaming movies over a stable internet connection. 

123movies Downloader: Quality

Some people have asked whether it is possible to download movies of a specific quality via the 123movies downloader. One must understand that 123movies automatically downloads the best possible quality, once the URL of a video is embedded. That said, there isn’t a specific option to select HD, SD or other movie options— in terms of quality.

However, everything depends on your internet connection and the speed according to which the download with commence. 

123movies Downloader: Techniques and Options

123movies downloader can be accessed via two specific tools or rather resources and we will be talking about them, in brief. 

Download via Tubeoffline

This happens to be the first resource which can help you access the 123movies downloader. Here are the detailed steps pertaining to this tool, which can surely come in handy:

  1. Click on this link for accessing the Tubeoffline powered version of the 123movies downloader.
  2. Open 123movies and copy the concerned video URL.
  3. Once the URL for the preferred video is copied, paste the same on the already open box— associated with the Tubeoffline.
  4. Once pasted in the ‘URL Input Bar’, click on the download tab.
  5. The video will then get downloaded onto the device, depending upon the size and speed of the internet connection.


Download via GetThemAll

This approach is meant for those who prefer downloading videos directly over the web browser, using extensions of varied nature. GetThemAll is a powerful browser tool that can sit quietly and do the job for you. You can download this extension from the Chrome store and install the same as a browser add-on. Not just 123movies but this tool can easily download videos from a varied number of websites.

The best thing, however, is that videos are converted to usable modes before they are saved onto the concerned gadget.

While Google Chrome uses this extension quite extensively, even Firefox has a version of the same. In the subsequent steps, we will be talking about the detailed procedure for downloading movies, via GetThemAll.

  1. Click here to download the same for your browser, via the Chrome store.
  2. Once the extension is downloaded and installed, you are good to go.
  3. Go to 123movies website and open the page or the video to be downloaded.
  4. The video which is being played can be saved using the select extension from the Chrome drop down menu.
  5. Click ‘Video’ from the host of available results as GetThemAll can save flash videos as well.
  6. Download the preferred video which should be saved instantly if you have a fast internet connection.

123movies downloader is a great option for individuals who are always on the move. Make use of the same and transform your gadget into a virtual theater.